Sizes Available
The Chest strap is adjustable

1 Neckline: 37cm/15" Chest: 30-35cm/12-14"

2 Neckline: 40cm/16" Chest: 40-45cm/16-18"

3 Neckline: 43cm/17" Chest: 45-55cm/18-22"

4 Neckline: 48cm/19" Chest: 52-60cm/21-24"

5 Neckline: 55cm/22" Chest: 60-70cm/24-28"

6 Neckline: 60cm/24" Chest: 70-80cm/28-32"

7 Neckline: 66cm/26" Chest: 80-90cm/32-35"

8 Neckline: 76cm/30" Chest: 80-100cm/32-39"

9 Neckline: 90cm/35" Chest: 90-110cm/35-43"

10 Neckline: 92cm/36" Chest: 100-120cm/39-47"
If these sizes do not suit your dog, please contact us for a custom size.


Wild Piccolo Y-Harness is suitable for all breeds of dogs for off-road walking or running as it's shape offers a full range of movement for the dog's front legs. (for on-leash walking we still recommend our Cork Martingales).
Due to it's eco-friendly and ergonomic design it is extemely comfortable for dogs to wear as cork is super soft and is naturally padded. 
Easy and quick to put on, your dog will thank you. The cork is 2.5cm/1" in width.

Extremely durable, water-resistant & ready for adventures.


Wild Piccolo is a family owned, earth-conscious pet gear brand that is very passionate throughout it's hand making process.


Wild Piccolo ensures that it adheres to vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly ethics, Which is why they will never work with leather nor use plastic in any of it's products and packaging.

Wild Piccolo supplies are all hand-sewn and handcrafted in Ireland, they take care to give each product the time and love it deserves.


Cork Design

Wild Piccolo

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