Our Hemp Tug Toy comes in 2 Sizes:

5cm: diameter of the monkeyfist knot is approx. 5cm

recommended for tiny-medium dogs 

9cm: diameter of the monkeyfist knot is approx. 9cm

recommended for medium-giant dogs 

(the recommendations are just an idea as you know your dog best!)

Perfect for tug or retrieving games. The natural, earthy smell will entice your dog to play with & chew on it, but worry-not, the rope is 100% organic & free from any chemicals that could harm your dog.

Always remember to supervise your dog when playing.

If you have an serious chewer, take the toy away if you are not playing with your pup or the fun won't last as long. 

Wild Piccolo toys are made from Organic Hemp Rope which is a natural & sustainable material, free from any chemicals. Some more properties of hemp include; being extremely durable, stong, compostable & water/mould-resistant.


Wild Piccolo is a family owned, earth-conscious pet gear brand that is very passionate throughout it's hand making process.


Wild Piccolo ensures that it adheres to vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly ethics, Which is why they will never work with leather nor use plastic in any of it's products and packaging.

Wild Piccolo supplies are all hand-sewn and handcrafted in Ireland, they take care to give each product the time and love it deserves.

It does NOT contain any CBD or THC.

Hemp Tug Toy

Diameter of knot

    Wild Piccolo

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