benefits of a wild piccolo martingale collar:

a Martingale collar consists of two connected loops 

The big loop where the head goes through with an slider to adjust the size &

The smaller loop or “control loop” where there is a d-ring to attach the leash to.


martingale collars are suitable for all dog breeds

useful for training loose leash walking

Martingales are also highly recommended and used by professionals for

improving leash walking and eliminating pulling.

martingale collars fit loosely and only tighten when necessary, such as if your dog is tries to back out of their collar or if they're pulling on the leash. then they will gently tighten and evenly distribute the pressure without choking the dog. 

then, When the tension is released, the martingale collar will immediately loosens up again.

slip collars and choke collars (NONe of which, wild piccolo collars are) can cause harm to the dog, as they keep tightening when the dog pulls on it with the pressure all in one place, damaging the dog’s neck & throat.

Dogs can’t slip martingale collars. Which makes it perfect for nervous/excited dogs or those with a record of wriggling out of most collars and harnesses.

a martingale collar will ensure their safety.

how to wear and measure for a martingale collar

Measurements should take place around the widest part of the head, where the collar slides over when you’re putting on the collar & around the neck, where the martingale will be worn.

Pick the size that fits both of these measurements to ensure the correct fit.

martingale collars do not have a buckle, to put on the collar it slides over your dog's head.

how to measure.jpg

to wearThe two slides on the small loop should never touch when the dog pulls. This means the collar is too loose.


A helpful rule of thumb is to have 2 finger widths between the slides on the small loop when there is tension in the collar to ensure appropriate fit